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Whether it is strength and performance you need in your sportswear or finesse and texture you desire in your intimate-wear, Premco’s extensive range of narrow fabrics encompass the wants and needs you have for your product.

Specializing in the manufacture of Woven and Knitted Elastic and non-Elastic Narrow Fabric and Webbing (4mm-250mm), Premco’s extensive product range caters to the apparel, lingerie, sports-related, medical, footwear, luggage, furnishing, and automotive industries.

Distinguished as a top world supplier, Premco’s products are trusted by international companies and brands such as The GAP / Old Navy, Sara Lee, Fruit of the Loom, Target Stores, Walmart and many others.

In addition to a vast stock product line, Premco specializes in narrow fabric for custom-specific applications. Color, design, dimension, material and performance are made the way you want.

Through a professional, dedicated, and experienced team, vertical production efficiency, and the latest in technologically advanced machinery, Premco meets its customers’ needs and those of an ever-changing and dynamic global market.

  Founded in 1966, The Premco Group of Companies was a pioneer amongst Indian trading houses in the manufacture and export of high-fashion ready-made garments to department, chain stores and boutiques in international markets across the United States, Europe, and the Latin Americas.

  Over the years, additions to the group included Premco Silk Mills, Narrowleen Fabrics, and Premco Narrow Fabrics, all manufacturing specialty textile and fabric materials for the apparel and home furnishing industries.

  In 1977, Premco Global ventured into manufacturing high-quality Woven and Knitted Elastic and Rigid narrow fabric and tape products designed for use in industry-specific applications in the apparel, lingerie, sports-related, medical, footwear, luggage and automotive fields.

  Headquartered in Mumbai, India with sales offices throughout major garment production centers like Delhi, Chennai, Tirupur, Bangalore, Calcutta and Ahmedabad, Premco maintains close customer ties and is able to service requirements in line with the latest in market trend throughout Asia and the major garment production centers of the world.

Today, Premco Global shares the distinction of being an ISO 9001-2008 company, and is listed on the (BSE) Bombay Stock Exchange. In addition to these distinctions, Premco is proud to be a preferred supplier to companies such as The Gap, Old Navy, Sara Lee, Tesco, Fruit of the Loom, Target Stores, Walmart and many others.

In 2004, the Premco Group of Companies added Pixel Packaging Ltd., to its roster. Pixel manufactures identification and packaging products such as woven and printed labels, hangtags, pressure sensitive labels, integrated barcode products, PDQ display boxes, and the increasingly popular HEAT TRANSFER or TAG-less labels. (to learn more about Pixel and its products, please click here)
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